1. What can HYDRO-X offer in regards to improved efficiency on the cooling system operation

and cost saving measures ?


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a. Circulation rate should be estimated

b.Total make-up water loss should be estimated.

c. Hold-up amount should be estimated.

d. Temperature on the heat exchanging surfaces should be estimated.

e. Metal composition of the system should be known, possibly there is copper, carbon steel,

   galvanized pipes ( surfaces ), aluminium etc.

f. Possible contamination from process ( e.g. Milk, ammonia etc )

g. Surrounding environmental factors, e.g. pollutants from chimneys, dust from fields etc.

                 h. Quality of the make-up water: River water, under ground water, treated soft water etc.

All these factors will have a strong influence on how the chemical supplier will “ design “ the chemical water treatment programme.

  1. The operators/managers/owners of the cooling system should be aware that inefficient cooling system operation would lower cooling output of the cooling system due to increasing wear and tear of auxiliary equipment, due to corrosion and scaling. It means that maintenance will have to be carried out regularly, which again means system down-time, but also will cost unnecessary money to be spent. Secondly, but also very important is the excessive cost of electricity consumption. In this case, scaling is the insulator, which will require a larger cooling from e.g. air. Hereby, the fan will require a larger RPM’s to create the same amount of cooling efficiency. In regards to the cooling efficiency, we should also mention that secondary cooling ( to the process itself ) would create a lower productivity to the process, as larger cooling capacity is required. It therefore means that more water should be circulated in order to reach the required cooling effects, and therefore, it may in the end mean that cooling capacity is not enough, and therefore, system capacity will be lowered.

2.   Down time of the system is very important to mention, and this down time can of course only be

prevented, if a proper maintenance system is put into operation. It is here important to calculate the chemical costs compared to the loss of production during down time, caused by maintenance due to water related problems. It will easily show that a sound investment in a proper water treatment programme can be justified.

3.   It is first of all important to establish proper operation standards for the circulation water in the

cooling system. After these standards are established based on the quality of the make-up water,

we will be able to provide a chemical treatment programme.