Water Treatment With Care


Our classic all-round product with all sorts of approvals for various processes. The newest product in this series is E-10 which has a high content of tannin.
The products in this series are available with various contents of tannin depending on feed water temperature, or the oxygen content in the make up water, feed water and circulating water. The products can also contain DEHA, which is a mild amine. This is suitable for critical steam processes.
The products in this series contain strong amines that will prevent corrosion in the steam/condensate phase of steam plants.


This series consists mainly of products for cleaning boilers and heat exchangers. However, the series also consists of chemicals for on-line dosage on RO-units.
The series consists mainly of chemicals for cooling systems where hardness/calcium scale is a problem. I the series there are also products for on-line cleaning of calcium scale, i.e. the scale is removed without suspending the operation.

Different corrosion inhibitor products that minimizes corrosion of metal components in cooling systems.
The CID-series consists of a broad spectrum of disinfecting products (biocides) for the disinfection of heating and cooling circuits, as well as special biocide programs for legionella control. Hydro-X A/S only manufacture and sell environmentally approved biocides.
Anti foaming products which are used in combination with our biocides if excess foam occurs.
    Additional Chemicals
Hydro-X also delivers chemicals for special applications, e.g. Uranin for leakage tracing and the product Hydro-SIL for removal of oil residues.

Water Treatment Is More Than Chemistry…

The Hydro-FIL series includes filter units for closed and open cooling systems, district heating and central heating systems, and feed water and condensate filtration on steam systems.
The Hydro-SOFT series is Hydro-X’s selection of softening units. The units are delivered with capacities from 1 m3/h to 10 m3/h. It is also possible to rent a unit to a favorable price.
Hydro-X A/S produces the best pH-controller on the market. The application ranges from swimming pools to exhaust smoke neutralization, from closed cooling systems to steam boilers, and from district heating plants to waste water treatment. The advantage of this pH-controller is that it has a built-in logger function, which makes it possible to save relevant data.
    Dosage Pumps:
Hydro-X A/S cooperates with Grundfos about the dosage pump program.
  Exhaust Smoke Neutralization Units:
This concept is especially developed for gas fired steam plants and combined heat and power (CHP) plants, where the exhaust smoke is very acidic and should be neutralized before discharge to the sewer.
  Bleed Off Systems and Controller Systems for Cooling Water Systems:
This concept is based upon a fully automatic operation of open cooling systems; bleed off, dosage of chemicals, make up water measurements, biocide dosage and conductivity monitoring. All this is easily controlled with the ODS-2 system
The Hydro-CLEAN concept includes both the CIP-unit (Cleaning In Place) and the necessary chemicals. The CIP-unit is designed especially for the cleaning of double sided exchanger units, mainly plate heat exchangers and tube heat exchangers. However, cleaning of small boilers and other equipment is also possible.
Hydro-X A/S can provide our customers with all relevant chemicals for water analyses, including advanced solutions for the measurement of DEHA, Tannin, Molybdate, BTA, Phosphonates, Silica, Iron, Cupper etc. Hydro-X A/S also sells complete analysis kits for district heating water and boiler water.